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David Wilcock Live: Exploring Teen Visions of the Secret Space Program, Reptilians, and Ascension

20 Views· 21/05/24
The coming of our creator

⁣: Welcome back to another exciting live session with
renowned author and researcher, David Wilcock. In today's enlightening
discussion, we delve deep into the astonishing world of Teen Visions
involving Secret Space Program, Reptilian beings, and the mystical
process of Ascension.

Throughout this livestream, David Wilcock explores these intriguing
topics, shedding light upon some of the lesser-known aspects of these
phenomenal subjects. Drawing from his years of extensive research and
first-hand accounts, David unravels the intricate aspects of the Secret
Space Program, believed to be an operation involving the exploration of

extraterrestrial realms.

#davidwilcock #secretspaceprogram #reptilians #ascension.

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