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⁣In this video, we delve into some fascinating knowledge shared by the
Pleiadian beings and how they have a critical message for humanity
regarding our current state of consciousness and our aspirations for
spiritual ascension.

These highly evolved interstellar beings have cultivated a special
interest in Earth and humanity; their messages are often delivered to us
through different channels. Are you curious to know what they have to
say? This enlightening message from the Pleiadians is not just
illuminating, but it's also powerful, addressing the importance of

conscious evolution in times of global upheaval.

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⁣ In this transformative video, we bring forth a
profound message from Mother Gaia herself. This exclusive channeling
reveals the divine feminine symbol of Earth, urging humanity to remember
its sacred connection to nature, and the profound role we all have in
preserving her beauty. Mother Gaia's wisdom is shared as a compassionate
appeal, pleading with her children to honor, respect, and protect her.

Throughout the video, we delve into topics of spirituality,
environmental consciousness, and collective responsibility, bringing
about a powerful dialogue about our planet's well-being. This urgent
message is a call to action for humanity to awaken and reconnect with
nature. Respect for our environment is not only a spiritual necessity
but also a practical one for the survival and progress of our species.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we share Mother Gaia's urgent
message. Together, let's inspire one another and take steps toward a

more conscious, responsible, and sustainable future.

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⁣Welcome to another intriguing video on our channel. In today's video,
we're discussing an upcoming major event that is set to shape the course
of history.

A major event is on the horizon and we're here to give you all the
details. Whether you're a part of this event or just an interested
onlooker, we've got you covered with in-depth analysis, expert opinions,
and live commentary.

Find out how this event could impact you, what you need to know and how
to prepare. We'll be discussing what makes this event significant, and
why you should be interested. From the people involved to the key
moments to watch out for, we will be delving deep into all aspects.

Don't forget to like, comment about your thoughts and predictions about
the event, and share this video with your friends who also need to stay

informed about this major event coming up.

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⁣Welcome to another fascinating episode where we delve into the enigmatic
mysteries of the Universe!

In this video, we present an intriguing discussion about the Andromedans
- an extraterrestrial race from the Andromeda Galaxy believed by many
to be profoundly connected to humanity. This video explores who the
Andromedans are, their purported characteristics, their relationship to
us, and their message to humanity.

Using cutting-edge research, extensive knowledge, and intriguing
theories, we will aim to unlock the secrets of the Andromedans, making
you question the dimensions of your own reality. Are they real? What is
their message for us? Are some of us actually part of their lineage as

Tune in as we dive deep into these thought-provoking questions and much
more. This isn't just a cosmic journey; it's a journey of self-discovery
and paradigm shifts. So put on your space helmets, keep an open mind,
and get ready for a wild ride through the cosmos.

This video is intended for those who have a keen interest in
extraterrestrial life, unexplained mysteries, and the cosmic connections

to human existence

#andromedans #universemysteries #starseeds ⁣⁣#spirituality #spiritual #awakening #newearth #dnaactivation #starseeds #angels #god #love #happiness #jesus #consciousness #enlightenment #lightworkers #spiritualjourney #higherself #angelicguidance #divinelove #ascension #positiveenergy #healing #innerpeace #soulgrowth #spiritualconnection #energyvibration #universe #faith #spiritualgrowth #transformation #divineintervention #innerhappiness #divineconnection #starbeings #ascendedmasters #awakeningjourney #spiritualwisdom #soulawakening #divineenergy #spiritualityandscience #metaphysical #lawofattraction

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⁣Archangel Michael's Message For You: A Heart-to-Heart Talk". In this
video, we delve deep into a heartfelt message received from Archangel

Engage with our discussion on spirituality, faith, and divine guidance
as we explore the uplifting messages that Archangel Michael has for each
one of us. In these uncertain times, we often seek solace in our belief
systems. If you find comfort in the divine, you would not want to miss
this heart-to-heart talk.

We take you on a spiritual journey that offers insights into love,
forgiveness, courage, and protection from Archangel Michael, who stands
as a symbol of hope and light in our daily struggles.

Whether you're a long-time believer or someone just stepping into the
spiritual realm, this video will instill a sense of guidance and peace
within your hearts. Lean into the wisdom of Archangel Michael through

this special message tailored universally.

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⁣ Welcome to our March Energy Update! In this video, we
dive deep into the powerful energy shifts taking place in this month. As
we move further into the year, we are being called to connect more
deeply not just with the universe, but with our higher self, and one of
the ascended masters - Saint Germain.

Saint Germain, also known as the cosmic alchemist, holds the Violet
Flame's energy, a divine spiritual gift promising transformation,
healing, and spiritual enlightenment. This time is perfect for tapping
into this energy and using it for our own development.

#saintgermain #violetflame #energyupdate #spirituality #meditation #transformation #healing #enlightenment ⁣⁣#spirituality #spiritual #awakening #newearth #dnaactivation #starseeds #angels #god #love #happiness #jesus #consciousness #enlightenment #lightworkers #spiritualjourney #higherself #angelicguidance #divinelove #ascension #positiveenergy #healing #innerpeace #soulgrowth #spiritualconnection #energyvibration #universe #faith #spiritualgrowth #transformation #divineintervention #innerhappiness #divineconnection #starbeings

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⁣Welcome to our new YouTube video: Major Event Alert: It's Finally Your
Time to Shine!

In this video, we're bringing you the most exhilarating announcement of
the year. We'll be discussing an upcoming major event where it is
finally YOUR time to take center stage and bask in the glow of
recognition and triumph. We understand the effort everyone puts into
their passion, and we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to

showcase their talent.

#yourtimetoshine #majoreventalert #unleashyourpotential ⁣⁣#spirituality #spiritual #awakening #newearth #dnaactivation #starseeds #angels #god #love #happiness #jesus #consciousness #enlightenment #lightworkers #spiritualjourney #higherself #angelicguidance #divinelove #ascension #positiveenergy #healing #innerpeace #soulgrowth #spiritualconnection #energyvibration #universe #faith #spiritualgrowth #transformation #divineintervention #innerhappiness #divineconnection #starbeings #ascendedmasters #awakeningjourney

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⁣ Welcome to our channel! In this exclusive video,
you'll hear a profound message from Master Hilarion regarding the big
change that is coming.

Master Hilarion, known as a spiritual guide and a great healer, unveils
the forthcoming shift in universal energy. He emphasizes that these
changes will affect us on both personal and global levels, bringing
about spiritual awakening, transformation, and enlightenment.

In this insightful video, Master Hilarion will break down the nuances of
this big change, discussing what it entails, how to prepare oneself and
what to expect. Plus, he shares his mystical wisdom on harnessing this
pivotal time to enhance spiritual growth, inner peace and personal

Allow yourself to be enlightened about the strategies on how to realign
oneself and how to replace fear with love and acceptance in this time of

As you watch and reflect on Master Hilarion's message, we encourage you
to be open, receptive and willing to embrace the changes, and remember,

every shift ushers in new possibilities.

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⁣⁣Welcome to another deeply enlightening video titled "Awaken Your Inner
Spirit: Recognizing and Resetting Your Soul's Energy." In this video, we
delve into an incredible journey towards spiritual awakening, inviting
you into the world of inner peace, serenity, and profound understanding
of your own soul's energy.

Uncover the power that lays dormant within you as we explore spiritual
healing and energy shifting techniques. We unravel the concepts of
self-discovery, the revitalizing power of positive energy, the art of
mindfulness, and the undeniable connection between the body, mind, and

Whether you're new to the spiritual realm, or you're an experienced
spiritual voyager, this video is designed to help everyone recognize

their inner potential.

#spiritualawakening #soulenergy #innerhealing #meditation #mindfulness #personalgrowth #selfcare #wellbeing ⁣⁣#spirituality
#spiritual #awakening #newearth #dnaactivation #starseeds #angels #god
#love #happiness #jesus #consciousness #enlightenment #lightworkers
#spiritualjourney #higherself #angelicguidance #divinelove #ascension
#positiveenergy #healing #innerpeace #soulgrowth #spiritualconnection
#energyvibration #universe #faith #spiritualgrowth #transformation
#divineintervention #innerhappiness

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⁣ Welcome to our enlightening video, "Unlocking the
Secrets of Transformation: A New Hope for Humanity." In this
enlightening journey, we delve deep into the realms of personal growth,
societal advancement, and global transition.

This video centers around the critical essence of
transformation, not just as individuals but as a collective humanity.
From personal development gurus, psychologists, to world-renowned
scientists and philosophers, we bring together diverse perspectives that
underscore the importance of transformation.

We explore the multifaceted dynamics of change, the frameworks that can
guide us in the face of global challenges, and the necessity for a
collective shift in consciousness. Following an intriguing narrative,
this video stirs hope for a renewed world, advocating a sense of
responsibility and kinship.

Drawing from ancient wisdom, modern science, and ground-breaking
theories, we attempt to uncover the potent secrets of transformation
that could be the beacon of new hope for humanity's future.

But, this isn't just about watching a video—it's about engaging in a

global dialogue.

#transformation #personalgrowth #hopeforhumanity #globalchange #newworldorder ⁣⁣#spirituality #spiritual #awakening #newearth #dnaactivation #starseeds #angels #god #love #happiness #jesus #consciousness #enlightenment #lightworkers #spiritualjourney #higherself #angelicguidance #divinelove #ascension #positiveenergy #healing #innerpeace #soulgrowth #spiritualconnection #energyvibration #universe #faith #spiritualgrowth #transformation #divineintervention #innerhappiness #divineconnection #starbeings #ascendedmasters #awakeningjourney #spiritualwisdom #soulawakening #divineenergy #spiritualityandscience #metaphysical #lawofattraction

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⁣Welcome to "Discover the Gateway to Your Heart: A Soulful Journey
Awaiting You.

In this insightful and transformative video, we embark on an
enlightening journey deep into the realms of your heart. This is about
more than just emotional wellness, it's an exploration that encompasses
every facet of your existence - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Awaken and tap into the immense power and infinite wisdom your heart
holds. Unravel profound insights that will help you to understand

yourself better and to invite more love, peace and joy into your life.

⁣⁣#spirituality #spiritual #awakening #newearth #dnaactivation #starseeds #angels #god #love #happiness #jesus #consciousness #enlightenment #lightworkers #spiritualjourney #higherself #angelicguidance #divinelove #ascension #positiveenergy #healing #innerpeace #soulgrowth #spiritualconnection #energyvibration #universe #faith #spiritualgrowth #transformation #divineintervention #innerhappiness #divineconnection #starbeings #ascendedmasters #awakeningjourney #spiritualwisdom #soulawakening #divineenergy #spiritualityandscience #metaphysical #lawofattraction

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⁣Welcome back to our channel! In today's video we have some major news
coming your way. Step into the world of breaking events, as we journey
through some of the most important happenings around the globe!

We've spent hours researching and collating data, just for you. So, sit
tight, grab a cup of coffee, and discover what the world has in store
for us. We're discussing everything from politics and economics, to
social issues and technological advancements - you won't want to miss

#breakingnews #globalevents #stayupdated #majoreventalert ⁣⁣#spirituality #spiritual #awakening #newearth #dnaactivation #starseeds #angels #god #love #happiness #jesus #consciousness #enlightenment #lightworkers #spiritualjourney #higherself #angelicguidance #divinelove #ascension #positiveenergy #healing #innerpeace #soulgrowth #spiritualconnection #energyvibration #universe #faith #spiritualgrowth #transformation #divineintervention #innerhappiness #divineconnection #starbeings #ascendedmasters #awakeningjourney #spiritualwisdom #soulawakening #divineenergy #spiritualityandscience #metaphysical #lawofattraction

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⁣Welcome back to our channel! In today's video, we dive deep into an
intriguing topic - learning to tap into the wisdom of our own bodies.

Communication with our bodies is essential for our overall well-being
and quality of life. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us,

and it's important to understand how to listen and respond.

⁣BodyCommunication #motherearthapproach #wellness #selfhealing #healthtips #holistichealth #mindbody #NaturalInstincts

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⁣Welcome to our video! Today, we bring you an inspiring and
thought-provoking message from Ashtar Sheran on the profound topic, "Are
You Part of the Healing Process?"

In this video, we delve deep into Ashtar Sheran's teachings and the
importance of us all contributing to universal healing. Ashtar Sheran,
beloved figure in esoteric philosophy, speaks to us about the role we
each play in supporting and promoting global and cosmic harmony.

Explore the concepts of healing, reconciliation, and positive energy as
we unfold Ashtar's message with clarity and devotion. We will not just
discuss the theoretical aspects of these teachings, but also provide
practical advice on how we can all become an active part of the healing
process, both on a personal level and at a larger scale.

We aim to inspire and guide those open to broadening their spiritual
horizons. If you're seeking to bring more peace and positivity to your
life and the world around you, this message is for you!

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subscribe to our channel for more enlightening videos, and click the
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share your thoughts and experiences in the comments, and share this
video with those you think might benefit from it.

Together let's enhance our knowledge and continue this spiritual journey
of awakening and healing.

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⁣Welcome back everyone! In our video, we dive into some of the
major life events unfolding around the world right now. From changes in
global politics to breakthroughs in technology, recoveries and
rebuilding from natural disasters, feel-good stories of achievements,
and significant social movements taking place globally.

We're all part of these happenings in one way or another, giving us the
unique opportunity to experience and shape the course of history. Each
event not only tells a story of our times but also offers a lesson we
can learn from.

Join us as we travel through these remarkable tales, bringing you close
to the heart of matters. We aim to present these events in an engaging,
comprehensive, and unbiased manner.

Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel if you
appreciate this content! Leave a comment down below to let us know what
events touched you the most or which soon-to-unfold event you want us to
cover next.

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you're here, check out our other videos about fascinating events around
the world. Together let's not just watch the world but understand and
learn from it.

Let's experience these major life events together!

Remember, we're all in this together, shaping the future one day at a
time. Stay aware, stay educated, and stay connected.

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⁣ Welcome to another fascinating video where we'll dive
deep into the cosmic wonders of our universe. In "Exploring HELIOS:
Unraveling Mysteries of the Sun & Full Moon" we uncover the immense
celestial bodies that guide our days and nights here on Earth.

We embark on an insightful journey to deconstruct the many enigmas
surrounding our nearest star, the Sun, also known as Helios in Greek
mythology. From solar flares to Sun spots, this celestial body is more
than a source of daylight and warmth; it holds the potential to
influence our planet in unforeseen ways.

Then, we turn our telescopes towards the captivating Full Moon. Its
brilliance illuminates our planet's night skies and has been a source of
countless myths, legends, and scientific studies. Discover how the
Moon, our planet's only natural satellite, affects Earth and what
secrets its cratered surface conceals.

Get ready to uncover massive news and newly revealed information about
these celestial bodies that will change the way you look up at the sky!

Remember to hit the like button if you enjoy the video and don't forget
to subscribe to our channel for more exciting astronomical discoveries
and space-related content. Leave your thoughts and questions in the
comments sections, we love hearing your opinions and engaging with our

Stay curious, seek the truth, and keep exploring the cosmos with us!

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⁣Welcome to our latest video, "Sananda's Message: Unveiling the Ultimate

In this enlightening video, we bring forth the wisdom of Sananda, an
ascended master frequently associated with the Christ Consciousness.
Embark on this spiritual journey as we unravel the profound insights
shared by Sananda with the aim to make us understand life beyond the
materialistic realm, inviting us to elevate our consciousness, embrace
unconditional love, and begin an extraordinary journey towards spiritual

It's an enriching discussion that delves into our existence's ultimate
truths and reinforces our spiritual understanding and awakening. This
message comes straight from the divine source and promises enlightening
revelations about our purpose on this Earth.

We hope to offer you a glimpse into the celestial wisdom and spiritual
elevation that can change your life forever. It is not just about
understanding these truths but applying them in our daily lives. We are
all spiritual beings having a human experience, and these messages will
aid in enriching this experience.

Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for additional
spiritual teachings. Be sure to turn on notifications so you won't miss
any future videos. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave
them in the comment section below. We appreciate your input and it can
help cultivate an engaging and enlightening community.

Let's journey together into the realm of spiritual consciousness and

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⁣n this enlightening video, we delve deep into unraveling the mysteries
surrounding the Pleiadians, also referred to as the Nordic Aliens. This
multidimensional, extraterrestrial civilization from the Pleiades star
cluster is believed to have been interacting with humanity for
millennia, guiding and assisting us in our spiritual development.

In this absorbing journey, we explore their knowledge, wisdom, and
teachings, particularly the emphasis they place on the power of the
present moment. The Pleiadians teach that the present moment is not just
a progressive series of instants, but rather a dynamic state of
awareness and existence where everything happens.

Discover the Pleiadian's profound teachings on multidimensionality, the
essence of a higher frequency of reality, and the significance of living
fully in the present moment. These ancient beings believe in fostering
personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and attaining a higher level
of consciousness where both physical and spiritual realms coexist

Join us as we dive into the wisdom left by Pleiadians, and the profound
impact it can have on our lives if we choose to live in the present
moment. Learn how to harness the full potential of the present moment to
lead a more enriched and fulfilling life.

Remember to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more
enlightening content. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts and
understandings about the Pleiadian's teachings. Stay tuned for more
exciting content

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⁣ In this enlightening video, we delve deeper
into the spiritual teachings and practices surrounding Archangel
Michael. Understanding his profound significance within the spiritual
realm, we explore the special days associated with him and what they
stand for. Through a detailed walkthrough, this video serves as an
eye-opener to those keen on connecting with the divine and raising their
energetic vibration.

The subject of this video, Archangel Michael, is widely revered for his
strength, protection, and guidance. We shed light on his unique
association with specific high-vibration days, with explanations of how
these dates align with the universe's energy flow. These deep comprising
insights can help deepen your spiritual journey and enrich your
personal relationship with the divine, specifically Archangel Michael.

This spiritual transmission is especially invaluable for anyone on their
spiritual journey, irrespective of where they are –- beginners,
intermediates, or advanced seekers. Each piece of information has been
carefully curated with the intent to enlighten and inspire believers to
create meaningful bonds with the angelic realm.

Remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more insightful videos about
spirituality, angelic realms, and connecting with the universe. Your
support helps us create more content to assist you on your spiritual

Disclaimer: This video is for educational and inspirational purposes
only. We recommend always seeking professional advice before
participating in any spiritual practices or rituals. Viewer discretion
is advised.

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⁣I'm Animanel and I'm here with an important message about being abudance and prospereity. We all have the power to create the life we want but so often times it can seem like it will never get any better. That's why today, I'm here to remind you that you can get started right now in creating an abundant life for yourself. You have the power to go from where you are to where you want to be. Start now - take tiny actions. Believe and trust and most of all, be patient and soon you will see the results of your efforts. Abundance and prosperity are within your reach,

The coming of our creator
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⁣This video is a reminder to stay balanced and connect with the light that surrounds us every day. In this moment of self-reflection and peace, take a moment to observe the beauty of the natural world and appreciate the harmony of being balanced. Celebrate the beauty of life, the harmony of balance, and the light that surrounds us in every moment. Take a breath, relax, and appreciate the act of simply being.

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⁣The ARCTURIANS -- a channel dedicated to inspiring and empowering humanity with knowledge and encouragement! Here, we discuss the topics of healing, self-empowerment, spiritual knowledge and ascension. We provide insightful analysis, theories, and discussion regarding many spiritual topics. Our goal is to provide valuable information and to help you find paths to more meaningful and connected living. Join us in this journey of inner exploration and growth. Together, let's rise above the fear and confusion and find the understanding we seek. Let’s unlock the secret power of consciousness!

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⁣Welcome friends and starseeds! Greetings from beyond the stars from Ashtar Sheran!
As we see the world in a state of flux and turmoil, it can be difficult to make sense of everything that is going on.
This is Ashtar Sheran, he is here today to remind you that despite any appearances, everything is happening as planned for a higher greater good. While it might appear chaotic and messy, the Universe is at it's best when allowing every experience to take its course - even if you don't agree with or currently understand it.

Trust in the plan. Follow your destiny. All will be revealed in time. You are in a time of transition, of transformation. Everything is happening as needed and as planned.
Stay positive, focus on your goals and trust in your greater purpose. All is well.

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⁣Watch Commander Kalighal, an epic new vision for the future of earth! Join in on the journey to explore the ultimate space mission as one brave commander embarks on a mission to track down the alien force responsible for the destruction of his homeworld. Be taken away by stunning visuals and an exhilarating storyline, as Commander Kalighal travels through deep uncharted space, while encountering dangerous enemies and mind-blowing revelations. See Commander Kalighal transform from a soldier to a savior, as his quest for truth and justice bring hope across galaxies!

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⁣Welcome beloveds, this is Sananda. I'm here to speak to you from my heart to yours, to remind you that we are all one. Things may look dire upon the surface of the Earth but there is hope in the air. So many of you are vibrating out fear right now and it's essential to tap into the higher vibrations of love.

Take a moment to look around you, beloveds. Notice all the beauty in the world and be grateful for it. Feel the love emanating out of the trees, the plants, the flowers and the animals. Look into the eyes of those you interact with and be mindful that behind those eyes is a beating heart filled with love.

Be mindful that all life is connected. Your thoughts, your intentions, your emotions can help to heal the world. Love is the answer, love is the healing balm. Tune into the frequency of love and allow positive energy to transmute the fear. Open your heart. Feel the love radiating out from your very being and share it with the world.

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⁣Sananda is a great storm of passionate creativity and artistic innovation. Get ready to experience a great journey of life-changing moments where Sananda takes you on an inspiring roller coaster ride of the best kind. From raw acoustics to heavenly melodies that dig deep into your soul.

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⁣Welcome to the spiritual guidance of Master Nada! Today Master Nada has a message for us: Do not bother with the world out there. We all have a deep purpose to fulfill, and learning from Master Nada's messages can help us to focus on our true purpose and potential. Watch this video for a few moments and feel the inspiration of Master Nada’s words. By following Master Nada's advice, we can learn to reject the external influences that do not serve us and find our true path. We can also learn to live with an acceptance of our own self-worth and trust in the divine plan of our lives.

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⁣Have you ever felt like you've been stuck in a never-ending cycle, with no way out? Have you been feeling like you've been carrying around heavy suitcases filled with frustration, sadness, and loneliness, and you just can't seem to let them go? In this inspiring video, we explore how to break free to the Fifth Dimension, and learn how to leave those heavy suitcases behind. We take a journey through awareness and acceptance, and show you how to lighten the load and find true fulfillment and joy.

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⁣Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed? Do you feel like life is out of control? Don’t worry, we all feel that way sometimes. But today, Ashthar Sheeran, want to share a message of hope with you.

In these uncertain times, I want to remind you that you are powerful. You have the ability to create and transform the life you want. Life is not happening to you, it is happening with you!

Take the time to reflect and get clear on what’s important to you: your values, your dreams, and the life you truly want to create. Declare what kind of future you want to create and make it happen. And remember, you are always capable of becoming the best version of yourself.

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⁣The Pleiadians! We give you insight into the many mysteries of the universe, an opportunity to connect with other seekers of truth, and a chance to learn about our ancient, yet modern history from mainly an extraterrestrial perspective.

In this video, we shine a light on the coming storm we call 'The Big Storm'. As we approach the end of a cycle of great transformation on Earth, many things are being revealed and shifted into the light. Prepare to be taken on a journey more fantastic than anything you have imagined. Our message is a powerful one and will provide new directions for humanity.

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⁣Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the challenges of life? We all do. The key to success is preparation. It's time to equip yourself with the knowledge to prepare for any type of emergency. Introducing Pleiadian Command Shipp; the Preparation for the Planet. It is time to prepare for our future.

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⁣Take your spiritual journey to the next level with this beautiful message visual of the Cycle of The Seven Loops of the White Ray. This message is designed to help you work with each of the seven rays of light in the universe, designed to connect you to your higher power. It is said that the practice can help bring balance and alignment to your chakras and energies.

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⁣Welcome to this video! Nothing is in equilibrium and it's time to make a change. Join us as we explore the events taking place in our world and how they are impacting our lives. We'll be sharing stories of those on the ground and more to provide greater insight into the effects of unprecedented events It's time to take action and make a change

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⁣The Solar Being Papacy is an ancient spiritual system that connects the individual and the cosmic energies to gain insight into the nature of man, the universe, and the Creator. It is founded on the belief that the sun, moon, and planets hold the keys to unlocking the secrets of knowledge, power, and growth. The Solar Being Papacy works with astrology, solar rituals, and meditation to guide the individual on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

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⁣Welcome to ASHTHAR Shehern – Our Choice Light or Fear! In this amazing video, we explore the never-ending cycle of fear. We wanted to take a journey into this realm to see how life unfolds in cycles with no beginning and no end. We see fear at its most powerful and weakest moments. We take a look at the light of these moments and the darkness they can create in our lives.

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⁣Are you struggling with being a messenger of the light? Have you been looking for an answer as to how to become one of the light? In this video, we explore the lessons of the light and how to become one of the light through meditation and other tools. We also look into ways to control one’s energy and gain a further connection with the spiritual world.

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⁣Explore the world of the Pleiadians and their teachings about the new age that lies ahead of us. This intriguing video dives into the mysterious realm of the Pleiadians and the remarkable message they have for us. Discover what the Pleiadians have to say about the coming generations, and how the arrival of this new era offers us a chance to step into our true potential. Get ready to take a journey into unknown depths of knowledge, and gain an understanding of the profound changes we will soon experience. Unlock the secrets to the Pleiadians and gain an understanding of how they will shape our world.

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⁣Welcome to this amazing video about the great Archangel Michael! This video highlights the great Archangel Michael and introduces the great exploration of what is happening to us and on the planet. We will be exploring the lighter side of the stark power of the great Archangel Michael. His powerful energy is used to promote courage, strength, and protection to those who take part in the great experience. We will learn the spiritual journey he provides for those seeking to understand the deeper meaning of the great Exaltation.

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⁣Welcome to The Ashtha Sheran, where you will explore the meaning of a happy soul. Join and take a journey of understanding what contributes to our contentment, peace, and joy. Through a journey of self-discovery, we will explore self-love, the hidden beauty of service, the cloud of uncertainty, the destructive power of resentment, and so many more causes of soul-stirring experiences. Every step and insight will lead you to a deeper understanding of finding true bliss and contentment of the soul

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⁣In this video we can learn the wonderful benefits and the endless possibilities that the Pleiadian Spaceship Commadnd of the Pleiades can bring to one’s health and wellness journey. With the help of the Pleiadians and the energies from the stars

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Welcome to this special video! Ashtar Sheran, is an extraterrestrial being who is here to make a special transmission for humanity. In this powerful video, Ashtar Sheran provides us with important insight and guidance on the times we live in, the choices we face, and how to navigate them wisely. Ashtar also provides us with invaluable tools to help us create a more conscious and harmonious world.

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⁣ New Earth Discourse! In this video, we will uncover the secrets within the most profound and thought-provoking philosophy of the New Earth Discourse. We'll be exploring its history, its roots, and its powerful spiritual wisdom. At the center of it all lies the idea that we are all part of one great cycle, one interconnected whole. This concept transcends the boundaries of any one religion, promising a hope of happiness and wellbeing for all, if we just tap into our spiritual connection with nature and one another.

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⁣Are you an adventurous soul looking for thrilling diving adventures? Look no further! This video will show you some amazing ways to maximize your diving experience. From stunning views of marine life in crystal-clear waters to the perfect gear to aid in your exploration, Learn what tips are essential for a successful journey.

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Are you looking to reach higher self realization? Seeing the world for the interconnected community that it is? Learn the secrets to unlocking your inner potential and reaching self-realization in no time! In this video, we will take a look at the essential habits to quickly reaching higher self-realization. This includes using meditation, yoga, journaling, and guided visualization to access the parts of you that are purest and most open to growth and change. Learn to cultivate an expansive vision and open your awareness to the world around you. It's time to unlock your potential and reach self-realization!

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Love is something that can help us become better people and give us the strength to conquer any challenge in life. In this video, we explore how practicing scenarios can help us embrace our inner power, keep our hearts open, and learn how to trust the universe. We'll talk about how visualization and self-love allow us to come out of our comfort zone and take risks with confidence. You'll learn how to love yourself and tap into inner strength to continue on your path of personal growth and success. Watch this video to unlock the power of practicing scenarios and understanding love.

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⁣Let's take a look at the amazing ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: THINGS YOU SHOULD STOP DOING BEFORE ENTERING 5D! In this video, He explore the things we should avoid when we are trying to become spiritually evolved in the 5th dimension. He discuss topics such as our personal vibration, the importance of developing our intuition, focusing on mental clarity and understanding the laws of attraction. We also explore the power of faith, the need for positive thoughts and its effect on reality. Lastly, we learn the importance of self-care and resonating with a higher vibration.

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⁣Welcome to this video about Pleiadians, We Are All Responsible for the New Earth Metamorphosis. In this video, we explore the Pleiadians, a race of extraterrestrials, who have come to Earth with a mission. They are here to help guide humanity through an energetic transformation, or a metamorphosis from an old Earth to a new one. We take a look at the structures that the Pleiadians have foreseen and the necessary changes that need to take place in order for a successful transformation.

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This powerful video features a message from Maitreya, the World Teacher for this new cycle. Illuminating and inspiring, it speaks of the great changes that are upon us and how each of us can be part of the new cycle of life for humanity.

As the world rapidly alters due to changing times, Maitreya offers us a profound message of hope and transformation. It speaks of a brighter future that awaits all of us as we become agents of change and actively work to create a shift in consciousness on Earth.

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⁣Are you feeling lost and searching for answers? Do you want to experience the divine wisdom of the angels? Join spiritual teachers as they guide you through powerful messages from the angels. Learn how to best call upon them, interpret their messages, and open your heart to receive their healing guidance. Discover how to connect with your higher self and trust in the divine support of your guardian angels. This course is an invitation to journey to the angelic realm and deeply connect with your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

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⁣Master Hilarion guides us on our journey to balance, love and healing. In this inspiring video, he shares his wisdom and guidance to help us on our path. He encourages us to be in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. He speaks of the power of prayer and meditation and offers us his loving support throughout our journey. He reminds us that we are loved and accepted, no matter where we are on our spiritual path. His message of hope resonates deeply within, guiding us to a life of balance, love, and healing.

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⁣This video explores the fascinating and complex world of Biblical Mysteries. We investigate the mysteries that remain unexplained and challenge our beliefs. We will take a journey through the age-old stories of the Bible, examining their meaning and implications. We'll look at the science and the faith that lead to our beliefs. Join us as we try to piece together the puzzles of these enigmatic tales.

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⁣Archange Micheal has a message for you: have the courage to correct your own shadow. In this video, Archange Micheal will teach you how to identify your true path and develop the strength to break free from self-sabotaging thoughts. Learn why it's important to make the effort to support your potential and how mastering your craft begins with recognizing self-doubt and recalibrating for success. This video is perfect for anyone struggling to break free of the mental blocks that keep them from realizing their full potential.

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⁣ Ashthar Sheeran is here to remind us all of the importance of doing your part to help with the healing and balancing of our planet and all living beings. Every day we can make small changes in our lives that can make a huge difference to our bodies, health, and individual wellbeing.

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⁣Have you ever wondered what happens to your soul after you leave this world? In this fascinating video, Saint Germain reveals the secrets of the afterlife and what happens to your soul after you pass away. From spiritual contracts to the inner planes of existence, this enlightening video provides you with an in-depth look at what happens to your soul after it leaves the physical plane. With ancient wisdom from the ascended master, Saint Germain, this video will teach you about the connections between the planes of existence, the spiritual lessons you must learn, and the rewards you can receive for living a life of purpose. Get ready to explore the afterlife on a deeper level and learn what really happens when your soul departs from this world.

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⁣This is Ashtar Sheran, Commander of the Galactic Federation. They come to you with a special message of hope and Love. We are one with all Life throughout the Universe and we are with you now.

For centuries have been observing Earth and its evolution with great interest. we have considered the potential of a united humanity living in harmony with Nature. At this very moment are monitoring the skies in which humanity lives, providing a protective shield and offering assistance to all who are willing to accept.

This is why our Spaceship fleets are out there day and night, all around your globe, responding to your calls and signals of goodwill. We come with a unique energetic vibration of Love and peace to heal the wounds of the past and bring about a new tomorrow.

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⁣These are truly extraordinary times that we are living in, and the days ahead are shaping up to be incredibly important. I desire to encourage you to make the most of these upcoming days and align your life with your highest

Hold a vision of what you want for the future and use your choices to create a brighter world. Put your intention into your actions to make the best use of your time.

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Today we are here to talk about the impact that lending a helping hand can have in spreading balance and harmony throughout the world. We know that as individuals, we can make small changes that in turn bring about big changes. Every little bit matters, and what may seem like a small gesture can go a long way in helping someone else in need. Our message from The Pleiadians is that, if we all come together to do what we can to help our neighbors, we can make the world a better place. We can spread peace, love, and understanding.

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⁣Welcome to this special video message from the prestigious Ashthar Sheeran! We hope that you will enjoy this video as it contains great messages that we want to share with you.

The knowledge of the ages, hidden from most of humanity, is now revealed and much more. We invite you to watch this video and explore the great mysteries of the universe. We provide you this information so that you will gain a greater understanding of our reality and the truth about our existence.

You will discover that these ancient teachings are the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. We share this wisdom in order to help guide you to create a brighter future for yourself and humanity.

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Welcome to this important video message from Arurians! In this video, we will explore what is about to take place on planet earth that will awaken humanity. We will discuss the potential for a new way of living, how we can prepare for change, and the impact this will have on us. By the end of this video, you will feel empowered and inspired to create the life you have always imagined. So join in as we delve into this exciting new era of human evolution. Together we will create a better tomorrow for us all.

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⁣Welcome to "The Solar Being"! In this video, they explore the power of an abundance mindset to unlock your potential and create a life of prosperity and abundance! they will discuss how to let go of our fear of failure and scarcity and instead embrace our power, talents, and capabilities. We will also cover creative ways to transform our thoughts and manifest abundance in our lives. Learn how to create a life full of abundance and step into your power

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⁣ We have all been waiting for this moment for so long, and the time is finally here to uncover the secrets that make the light weight fly. In this video, we are going to look closely at every aspect of light weight flying and explain why it is that light weight planes are so successful and fuel efficient

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⁣This is a global movement of people from all walks of life coming together to create an uplifting and connecting experience of community and service-driven by the ancient wisdom of the Pleiades constellation.

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⁣Hello, divinely beloved ones! I am Sananda, here to share a message of truth and lies. In this message, I will tell you the truth about the world we live in and the lies that have been fed to us, and the power that we all have to create a better future. The world is filled with love, beauty, and potential, but it is also full of lies. You have the power to discern the truth and create a future of true abundance and peace. Believe in yourself and rise above the lies. Together, we can create a new reality of truth and joy. Thank you for listening to my message. May the love of the Divine light be with you always. -Sananda

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⁣The Pleiadians have graced us with a special message about the evolution of Planet Earth. Kalighal, a respected and knowledgeable being from the Pleiadian starship, brings us a timely reminder that the planet is currently experiencing great strides of advancement and transformation. Kalighal speaks of the importance of the collective energies of humanity and the vital role that they play in allowing our planet to make the necessary changes to move forward. He also reminds us that our actions play an important role in the overall success of our planetary ascension. Tune in to hear the words of wisdom shared by Kalighal and receive an inspiring message of hope and encouragement for the continued evolution of our planet.

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⁣Welcome everyone to this new time. We live in a universe of infinite possibility and are blessed to be living on the eve of this amazing new era. Just as we were sent here with an agreement and an assignment, we will soon experience a massive global shift in consciousness.

In this new time, it's important to remain focused on our highest purpose and to stay true to our authentic selves. We need to release the energies of the past that no longer serve us so that we can be free to embrace the new vibrations of love and light that await us.

We must practice the principles of truth, justice, and compassion and work for the highest good of all. As we do so, we can expect to experience profound spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the forces of creation.

We are now poised to bring into fruition all the wildest dreams and visions of our souls. As we are catapulted forward into a new and exciting reality, know that the possibilities are limitless. With great courage and intention, step forward boldly, and happily embrace the new era. May your life be full of joy and abundance.

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⁣Health is your greatest asset, but it doesn't come easy. In this video, Sananda explains how you can reclaim your health and heal imbalances with natural treatments and alternative therapies. He shares tips on how to address underlying causes of imbalance—looking at lifestyle, supplements, and more. Learn how to get rid of disease without relying strictly on conventional medicine.

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⁣Are you ready to leave everything you've ever known behind and enter the 5th Dimension? Experience a world unlike any you've seen before and explore the unknown. Dare to be brave enough to take the leap and see where the journey takes you. Step into the unknown and discover all the new possibilities the 5th Dimension holds!

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⁣This is Sananda from the higher realms, and I'm here to talk about the power of giving and seeing all with love. Giving and receiving are natural laws that are deeply embedded in the fabric of our universe. When we open our hearts to giving and seeing those around us with love, The Universe will give back to us in return.

No matter how small the gesture, when it's coming from a place of love and caring, it will be magnified back to us. From helping others, to giving our time, to showing compassion and understanding—all of these acts can create a ripple effect that can bless many lives.

Open your heart to giving today, and you will be filled with an endless supply of joy, gratitude, and abundance. Remember that giving doesn't always require money, but instead an open heart and the wisdom to love and give from a place of compassion.

Let's spread love and create a foundation that will benefit us and those around us. Open your heart to giving and seeing all with love. Much love and blessings from Sananda.

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⁣We live in a time of extraordinary transformation, where the individual is being asked to step into their true potential as a powerful creator being. At the core of our existence is the divine spark of life - the inner light of becoming who you truly are.

It is in this inner light that we uncover our hidden gifts and talents, unlocking our highest potentials and manifesting our most beautiful dreams. As we learn to open our hearts, we are reminded of the truth of who we are and why we are here.

As you deepen your connection with yourself, you will notice an undeniable sense of power and purpose emanating from within. Your breath is the gateway to awakening this inner light, as its energy will remind you of your infinite capacity for love and creativity.

Let us open our hearts and minds to the possibilities within, and explore the depths of our being to discover the power of our inner light. By connecting back to our source, we can stand in our truth and courageously step into our highest potential.

Take a moment to stop and breathe. Follow the guidance of your heart and light the way forward. May the love you cultivate for yourself be a catalyst for healing and the unlocking of your divine gifts.

Thank you for listening and I hope you will remember these words. May you forever be blessed with an abundance of courage, love and light. Namaste.

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⁣The Angels: Message of Hope and Comfort to Humanity is a video that brings us a message of hope and comfort during these difficult times. Experience divine messages of love, hope, and encouragement from the Angels as you take a journey of faith. Be inspired and uplifted as you listen to the comforting words of Spirit Guides, Messengers and Angels. Find solace in their words and be filled with hope and courage. Let their reassuring guidance bring a deep sense of peace and comfort to you. If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, allow these Angels to be your source of comfort, strength and guidance. May you find inner strength and hope amidst today's struggles.

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⁣Are you feeling discouraged and are in need of some extra motivation in life? Check out this inspiring message from Sananda! Sannanda encourages everyone to remember that we are all part of the same universe and what we plant on the planet will always come back to us. Sannanda shares that if we just stay focused and understand that we can create a better life for ourselves and others, our efforts will pay off and we will get back all that we have invested in this world. Listen and learn how to turn a negative situation into a positive one by sowing the right seeds in life.

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⁣Welcome to Pleiadians We Are All Responsible~New Earth Metamorphosis! Join us as we explore the current events unfolding on the planet, and how we can each take an active role in our own collective transformation. Through this journey, we will learn the power of unified intention and how important it is to come together during these times of great change. Together, let us create a new reality! Weave One-ness and stand in the light of unconditional love.

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⁣Do you want to learn how to express your love and appreciation for Mother Earth? Look no further! In this video, It will take a journey of exploration and appreciation for all creation and show you how to give love to our planet. From learning the various ways we can honor and respect, to discovering the beauty of sustainable living and exploring ways to make a difference in the health of our environment, this journey will bring us closer to Mother Earth. Wherever you are on your journey of appreciation and love for our planet, this video will offer you tools and inspiration to help make a positive impact on the world around us. Join on this incredible journey of learning and loving the Earth!

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⁣This video is about a message from Seraphis Bey, reminding us to stop depending on external resources and instead ask the Source of infinite possibility to fulfil our needs. Focusing on our relationship with the Source, can help us shift our vibration and attract the benefits we’re seeking. Let us come together to remember who are and where we come from, claiming our power as individuals and as a collective. Let us start today!

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⁣Welcome to this special message from the Commanders of the Pleiadian fleet of healers and balancers! In this video, we will be discussing the potential of energetic renewal when receiving and engaging with our energy of the Pleaidian star system. We invite you to take a deep breath and open yourself to receive the downloads and transmissions of energy that will Restore, Renew, Revive and Reconnect you with the energy and frequencies the Pleaidian Alliance works with. Enjoy the video!

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⁣Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from achieving your highest soul's purpose? Have you been struggling to overcome feelings of guilt or regret? In this video, join spiritual teacher Saint Germain in a conversation exploring forgiveness and its relationship to soul purpose. Learn what it takes to let go of the past and take the steps forward required to unlock your deepest self and move closer to being your true self. Discover strategies to help your soul find peace, joy, and faith, and gain insight into the meaning of forgiveness and its role in your life. Rediscover your potential and unlock your highest calling in a profound and peaceful way.

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⁣Travel on a journey into the unknown, with Maitreya, the 5thdimensional messenger of truth. Hear Maitreya as he speaks about the power of the 5th dimension, bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Learn how you too can align with your true purpose and ascend to a more enlightened state of being. Listen and be inspired by his powerful words as you embark on your own journey to the 5th dimension. There is much to discover, with Maitreya as your guide.

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⁣Explore the hidden history of love with a special message from the Pleiadian Guides! With their help, we can reveal the truth about the energy of love and the powerful healing force that it can contain. Learn how we can reclaim our true power to love and be loved. Discover the truth about energetic relationships and why our connection to each other matters more than ever before. By understanding these cosmic principles, we can begin to create deeper and more meaningful connections with the people we love. It's time to open up and embrace the magical energy of love!

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⁣Welcome, beloveds! This is Ashtar Sheran, commander of the great fleet of the Galactic Free Press. We come to you today with a powerful message.

We come to offer you an opportunity of a lifetime: to ascend to a higher frequency of existence - the 5th Dimension - and to help you reach a higher level of consciousness.

Through this great event, you will be able to release your soul in order to find peace, harmony and enlightenment. You will be able to transform yourself and your life into a higher frequency of Light and Love.

This event has been a long-awaited opportunity for humanity. Let this be a chance to take a leap of faith and join the divine union to create a new reality. Together, we can bring about the Golden Age of peace, harmony and truth.

So; open your heart and mind, and be ready to take a journey into the 5th Dimension, where all your dreams can come true. Let this be a moment to remember - a moment to transform your life and to step into the light.

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⁣Are you feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges? Archengel Micheal has an inspiring message to help you triumph over any struggle. In this powerful video, Archengel Micheal shares his teachings about finding strength and courage in times of difficulty. Hear about his personal mission and find out how using Angelic wisdom and spiritual guidance can help to propel you into a prosperous future. Watch and be inspired to rise above the obstacles that stand in your way. Tune in now for an uplifting message that's sure to move you.

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⁣Are you tired of relying on others for help? Are you feeling helpless and lost? Never fear! In this video, you’ll learn why it’s important to become self-reliant and take charge of your life. You’ll also gain tools and techniques on how to be independent and rely on yourself for success. Plus, you’ll discover how to ask angels for help and guidance for a more empowered life. So join and start gaining the strength and courage to become self-reliant and strong enough to take your life into your own hands!

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Check out this inspiring video to find ways to bring more light into your life! In this video, we take a look at how you can stay positive despite life's challenges. We will look at how to find beauty in everyday moments and how to embrace love in your heart, even during dark days. This motivational video gives powerful advice on how to look at life from a different perspective and hold on to hope in your soul. So don't be sad, just look at the scenic views with love and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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⁣Archangel Michael's Message: Have the Courage to Face Your Shadow Self and Embrace the Light, The Dark Can't Hide Anymore And You All See It

⁣Welcome to this inspiring message from Archangel Michael! Today I'm here to remind you that it's time to have the courage to face your shadow self and embrace the light within you. The dark can't hide anymore and you can all see it soo clearly, this is your opportunity to make positive and lasting changes in your life. I know it may feel uncomfortable, but it will be worth it when you come out of this journey more empowered then you ever thought possible. Allow the light to fill you up and renew your spirit. You can do it! Know that you are surrounded by loving and supportive energies that will help you through this unique moment in your life. Together, we can learn to ignite our inner spark holding the power to create a beautiful life!

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⁣Welcome to the special video about Commander Kalighal from the Pleiadian Ship. Join as he takes us on a journey to explore the cosmos and get a glimpse of our story in the vast universe around us. Embark on an adventure through breathtaking visuals and interstellar secrets, showing us the better way we can start to contact with them that others may not know by now. Follow this epic journey and find out what is waiting for you in the depths of the universe. Get ready for a wild ride and learn more about Commander Kalighal and his remarkable crew, and their unparalleled mission - to show us the way to our own destiny.

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⁣Step aside from everyday life and experience the healing power of the divine angels with this peaceful and inspiring message. Feel the powerful energies of love and peace that surround you as they flow through the universe and embrace your heart. Allow yourself to discover a world of wisdom that will awaken your spirit to its highest potential. Expected to connect with love, abundance, and unity, this divine energy will bring forth a moment of inner peace. Transform your life and let the angels bring divine light and peace into your being.

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⁣ The "Message from Commander Pleiadian Ship" will give you insight on the new energies that are arriving to our planet. This video will explore the power of Team Pleiadian, the dedication to our mission and with the aim to spread the light of shared knowledge. This energy brings us a new era of deep understanding and teaches us to unite for transformation, ascension and why we are not still not on the planet.

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⁣message from the Pleiadians out there, from across the universe. Where do you see yourself from 50 years ago? Are you still evolving as an individual? Have you made any steps forward in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life? We all have a story to tell, and we all have something valuable to offer the world. Share your journey and be inspired by those around you, so that we can all grow together.

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⁣Are you curious about the ancient wisdom held within Beliefs, Books, Bible and Religions? Join for this insightful deep dive into their spiritual messages, and explore the transformational power of these teachings. We'll take an in-depth look at the roots of many of the world's faiths, discuss how spiritual practices have changed over time, and unlock the power of their teachings. Find out how Beliefs, Books, Bible and Religions have changed our lives and shaped humanity, and uncover how their messages continue to direct our present and future.

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⁣Message From Ashter Sheran: Our Soldies Are Among You. Its Time To 𝐀𝐒𝐂𝐄𝐍𝐃. This inspiring video depicts a powerful message from Ashter Sheran, calling on all of us to stand together and honour the soldiers who serve and protect us. Through a mixture of epic scenery and images of courage and unity, So let us come together and show our appreciation for all of those who are on the frontline for our freedom

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⁣Do you feel overwhelmed by the world's current situation? Do you wish you had a better understanding of the changes and how to navigate them?

In this video, you will learn about the shifts that have taken place in the world and how you can make informed decisions about your future. We will explore the causes of the changes and look at the emerging realities. We will also look at the various tools and strategies you can use to cope with the challenging times.

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⁣A message from Ashtar Commander and what it means to believe in God. Ashtar Commander is a spiritual teacher that shares his message of faith and love worldwide. He believes that God is everywhere and with us always, available to give us strength, guidance, and love. He encourages us to recognize our spiritual potential and to live our best lives. He also teaches us to live with integrity, to cultivate compassion, and to recognize the power of our thoughts in manifesting our reality. By looking within ourselves and using our faith and our trust in the universe, we can create the life we want and the world we dream of.

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⁣This is a story about the Arcturians, an intelligent race of benevolent extraterrestrial beings who we often call "Little Graces". They inhabit a planet in the constellation of Arcturus, and are believed to have come to Earth to help humanity. They are compassionate, wise, and powerful guardians of the universe.

It is said that the Arcturians have a deep desire to assist the Earth's evolution in a positive way, and they are here to help us through a difficult and accelerated time of transformation. They are here to share their wisdom and teachings, to help us to open our hearts and minds to the gifts of unconditional love, joy, and inner peace.

The Arcturians are believed to be master healers and light bearers, working on the spiritual plane with divine guidance. They bring compassionate insight and loving assistance to those who seek their help. It is also believed that some of them have chosen to incarnate on Earth in order to experience the beauty of our planet and to help humanity.

The Arcturians are gentle, compassionate, and wise. They are here to help humanity ascend to its highest potential. They come from a higher plane of existence, and serve as our spiritual guides and mentors for the journey ahead.

The coming of our creator
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⁣This amazing video takes a closer look at the mysterious planet Nibiru - an enigmatic celestial body that has been speculated to exist for centuries. From its alleged orbital path around our sun to its precarious influence on the human race, this video dives deep into a topic long shrouded in mystery. possible truth behind Nibiru and its purported masculine force that could be, in some way, affecting our world.

The coming of our creator
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⁣Welcome to this enlightening message from the angels! In this video, you will learn about the functions of angels on Planet Earth and how they can be incorporated into your life. We will explore the history and mythology surrounding angels, how they show up in different culture, religions and spiritual practices, and how they can be a source of protection and guidance. We will also dive deep into the spiritual realm to uncover the many gifts and tools that come with the presence of angels. Finally, we will look at ways that you can invite angels into your life. So join as we take a journey into the mysterious world of angels on Planet Earth.

The coming of our creator
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⁣Discover the power of the divine within and how you can unlock the answers to your personal spiritual journey. Learn how to use the power of the universe to help you understand what you need to know in this special message from Serapphis. Explore the energy of the divine and discover the guidance of the universe. Uncover how to ask for help and wisdom to move forward through any challenging moments. Tap into the inner knowledge that each of us carries and use it to make powerful choices and create meaningful transformation in our lives.

The coming of our creator
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⁣The world is going through some major changes right now, and this message from Maitreya is filled with hope. He shares with us on the new cycle that has begun for everyone on this planet. This video provides inspiration and insight as we face the challenge of reuniting ourselves with our true purpose in life. Tune in to hear Maitreya's message of hope and listen to his profound words that will make you think about your own purpose. May we all strive to live lives of meaning and purpose in this new cycle.

The coming of our creator
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⁣Archangel Michael is a spiritual being of immense power and love. He works on the spiritual level to protect us and guide us. He can connect to us on a deeper level and through us to the Divine. In this video, He will explore how Archangels connect to ourselves and our spiritual selves as well as how his presence. This video is perfect for those who are looking to deepen their Spiritual connection and gain meaningful insight into their lives. Let Archangel Michael lead the way to a brighter future!

The coming of our creator
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⁣We live in a fast-paced, ever-evolving world where our future is being shaped and impacted by the choices we make today.
In this inspiring video, we explore what could be possible for our youngsters if they are already living in 5D. Can they achieve greatness and break into their potential with the right guidance and resources? T

The coming of our creator
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⁣We are all connected to each other. We are all connected to Mother Gaia - the one true mother of us all who loves us unconditionally. Today, we have a message for you from Mother Gaia.

Mother Gaia is calling on us - all of us - to stand together in solidarity to fight for equal rights for all. It's time for us to recognize that nobody should be discriminated against based on their gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, or any other trait that makes them unique.

Let us join hands to protect the rights of those who are most vulnerable. All of us have an inherent right to dignity and respect, and it's our moral and ethical duty to ensure that everyone has access to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness - without any fear or discrimination.

Thank you Mother Gaia for this inspiring message and may we all work together to ensure that it is answered with action, not just words.

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