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⁣ Welcome to a truly enlightening video about what the
future may hold for us. This video presents an exclusive 2024 forecast
according to the Pleiadian message, a powerful source of wisdom that is
said to be streaming from the Pleiades star cluster.

Through this video, your perception of reality may shift as we impart a
deep understanding of the lessons we need to learn from the Pleiadians; a
star nation considered to be advanced in spiritual evolution,
consciousness, and technology. The Pleiadians have been contacting and
communicating with humanity for thousands of years, with the purpose of
raising our consciousness and guiding us towards a more enlightened and
peaceful existence on Earth.

In this video, we delve into the messages that the Pleiadians want us to
hear about the future, specifically our near future leading up to 2024.
The guidance and predictions presented in this video are access points
to transcend fear-based living, awaken our intuition, and align with our
highest potential in the coming years.

Whether you are new to the realm of extraterrestrial communication or
you have been following Pleiadian wisdom for years, this video has
something to offer you. It will provide you with an expanded perspective
of humanity's next steps and show you that, maybe, we are not alone in

this Universe

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W⁣elcome to the Channel. In this latest update, we're going to
discuss some highly important and controversial topics about the
Galactic Federation's final warning. Click that play button to dive deep
into the mysteries of the universe and learn what "Dear Earth, It Has
Begun" truly means.

In this video, we'll be discussing various concept and theories related
to extraterrestrial life, space exploration and their message to
humanity. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, this video is sure to
pique your interest and make you ponder the possibilities of life beyond


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⁣Welcome back to our Channel! In this exciting presentation, "Galactic
Alert: Preparing for What's Coming Next", renowned spiritual teacher
Metatron and world-famous researcher Billy Carson share their profound
insights into the mysteries of the cosmos.

Get ready to dive deep into the unexplored territories of our universe
as Metatron and Billy Carson decode the cryptic messages from the
cosmos. This conversation will unravel the unknown and offer a new
perspective on life, existence, and the universe we live in. If you're a
fan of metaphysics, spirituality, or just want to expand your
understanding of our universe and conscious reality, this video is for

Metatron, a revered spiritual entity, speaks through channelers to
impart wisdom related to spirituality, existence, and metaphysics. On
the other hand, Billy Carson, a dedicated researcher and author, has
extensively explored ancient civilizations, their technology, and their
understanding of our cosmos.

This video encompasses a fascinating discussion between these two
brilliant minds on topics ranging from cosmic intelligence, alien life,
the impact of planetary alignments on human consciousness, to the many
secrets the universe holds.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to dive into the exciting,
intriguing, and often bewildering world of cosmic exploration!

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miss our updates.

Join the journey of exploration and understanding now!

Stay Curious, Seek Knowledge

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⁣ In this video, we explore a fascinating and profound
message from the Pleiadians - an advanced extra-terrestrial race
purportedly from the Pleiades Star Cluster. The Pleiadians bring forth
their perspective on the unprecedented changes taking place worldwide.

Through this captivating cosmic conversation, they shed light on the
current global events, the deeper spiritual context, and shifts in
collective consciousness. Moreover, they offer guidance on how we, as a
global community, can navigate through these shifting paradigms.

They explain that the earth is experiencing a massive awakening, and the
energy shifts are preparing us for a new era of harmony, peace, and
universal love. This Pleiadian message appeals to stay open-minded,
patient, and positively participate in this transformative journey.

However, it's important to note that the ideas presented in this video
are not universally accepted facts, but part of a wider discussion about
extraterrestrial life and spirituality.

This video is not promoting any particular belief system, but rather
offering a perspective for those interested in matters of consciousness,
energy shifts, and the potential of extraterrestrial intelligence.
Please approach with an open mind and make your own decisions about this

Remember to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more
intriguing explorations into the mystical and unexplained. If you are
fascinated by this video, feel free to share it with your friends, and
engage in the comments section below with your thoughts and views.

Stay awaken!

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⁣Welcome to another enticing video, where we delve deep into the
mysteries of the cosmos. The Galactic Federation has long been
considered a secret entity, posing many questions about our existence
and the unexplored galaxies beyond us.

In this video, we explore the intriguing hidden messages from the
Galactic Federation, a narrative that mainstream science dismisses but
can never fully refute. Strap yourself in for a journey into the heart
of the universe and the secrets it jealously guards from us — secrets
that the Federation, the mystical organization, doesn't want the public
to know!

You will get an in-depth exploration of various theories, evidence, and
classified information that challenge our understanding of the universe.
From coded transmissions deciphered by top cryptographers to the
enigmatic presence of unknown cosmic objects, we will uncover aspects of
the Galactic Federation that could shake conventional understandings

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⁣ In this intriguing video, we delve deep into the
fascinating and mysterious realms of the spiritual world, focusing on
the intriguing character of Metatron and the enigmatic Nephilim. Drawing
from ancient texts, spiritual teachings, and metaphysical theories, we
aim to shed light on the underexplored and often misinterpreted

Metatron, believed to be the most powerful of angels, shares a
captivating message that is meant to guide, enlighten, and instill
wisdom in us all. We then turn our attention to the Nephilim, an ancient
race mentioned in the Bible, sparking curiosity and debate among
theologians, scholars, and spiritual seekers worldwide.

A surge in Google searches for the Nephilim indicates a growing
curiosity for these topics. We seek to provide a comprehensive,
unbiased, and enlightening look at these beings, their meanings, and
their roles in spiritual mythology.

Whether you're an avid student of spiritual teachings or just someone
interested in exploring the unknown, this video offers a wealth of
knowledge for everyone. Follow us as we take a journey into the depths
of these powerful spiritual entities.

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the content. We appreciate your support as it helps us to continue
creating insightful content.

As always, keep an open mind, continue seeking the truth, and stay
curious about the world's mysteries.

Note: As we respect all beliefs, this video is purely informational and
not intended to challenge or confirm any personal religious or
philosophical beliefs.

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⁣n this video, we delve into a thought-provoking message allegedly from
'The Galactic Federation' concerning a potential warning to all humans.
We will decode and analyze this urgent message and why we are being
warned to turn off all devices if we hear this particular announcement
on our television.

Explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding this message and
understand what it might mean for our world. Is it a savant cautionary
tale or are there more profound implications? Why is the directive
emphasizing on turning off all devices? We meticulously unravel the
enigma by piecing together crucial bits of information.

Replete with intriguing insights and detailed analysis, this video aims
to provide you with a different perspective on this intergalactic
warning. You'll learn about the Galactic Federation, its supposed
origin, ethos, and alleged communication with Earth. Whether a sceptic
or a believer, you are guaranteed an entertaining journey.

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phenomena. Also, do leave your opinions in the comments section below -
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⁣Welcome to our latest video, titled "UNIVERSAL ALERT: Pleiadians Warn of
SIGNIFICANT EVENTS That Will Affect Everyone On Earth in 2024."

In this video, we dive deep into the world of the extraordinary and
expand our consciousness by exploring the fascinating subject of the
Pleiadians and their messages for our planet. This video contains vital
communication from the Pleiadians, an advanced extraterrestrial
civilization from the Pleiades star cluster, relating to pivotal events
set to occur in 2024.

Prepare as we delve into the prophecy of global events, that they claim
will have significant effects on everyone residing on our planet. From
major climatic shifts to technological advancements, socio-political
changes and spiritual awakenings, the event of 2024 is predicted to
influence every aspect of our lives. We will attempt to connect the dots
and further decode these messages, equipping you with the knowledge to
prepare for and navigate this period of change.

If you're intrigued by mysteries of the universe and have a curiosity
for extraterrestrial life and their insights, this video is not to be

Always remember to approach this information with an open mind and
discernment as we explore the uncharted territories of the cosmos. Stay
tuned until the end for our comprehensive conclusion.

Subscribe to our channel if you are fascinated by such topics and never
want to miss an update. Please share your thoughts, and theories in the
comment sections below.

(Note: The information presented in this video is based on various
theories and does not claim to be factual or accurate. Please take this
as a subject for thought-provoking dialogue and not verified scientific

#pleiadians #prophecy2024 #universalalert #earthchanges

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Are you ready to explore the mysteries of the Universe and discover your true purpose? Join Metatron, the Archangel of Light, in this profound journey as he reveals a powerful message hidden in plain sight all along - that you have the power to manifest your destiny! Through spiritual guidance, Metatron shares insights from beyond our physical realm for you to powerfully manifest your destiny and step into your highest potential. Discover your greatness and be inspired as Metatron leads you to the path to peace.

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⁣Welcome! Our message of truth can be difficult to accept at first, but take heart. The Pleiadians of the star system known as the Seven Sisters, have been watching Earth and her inhabitants for many millennia. We have sent our representatives to inform you of the truth—that you are capable of greatness. Humanity's evolution and Awakening is now connected to a shift upon the planet and in the universe. As part of this shift, All That is aligning with a greater understanding and here, truth is being revealed.

We believe that transformation begins with each individual. As a collective, you have the power to shape the future. We invite you to look within to discover who you truly are. Expand your understanding and embrace your gifts.

Your life is in flux and the world is changing—open your heart andmind and seize this opportunity. Find your inner connection to truth and experience it. As you journey, we support and guide you along the way. It is time to embrace the inherent powers within.

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⁣This is a message from the Galactic Federation of Light, a group of advanced star systems dedicated to raising vibrations of love and understanding throughout the universe.

We are here to deliver a message of hope and change for our galactic brothers and sisters, and to expand the consciousness of humanity.

The Galactic Federation has been observing the Earth and its inhabitants for many years. We have seen a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness, and discern that humanity is now ready to fully realize its potential.

It is time to rise up and unite under a banner of harmony and unconditional love. We are here to assist you as you make your journey into the higher dimensions.

As members of the Galactic Federation, it is our sacred duty to share this message with you. We wish you much joy and abundance as you begin this new experience. May love and light be your guide.

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⁣This powerful video was created to share a message from Metatron, the angel of transformation and evolution, for the year 2023 to 2024. Get ready to be inspired as Metatron shows us how this potent time period will bring the opportunity for humans to move to a new level of understanding and manifesting our highest potential. Metatrons message of hope, joy and awakening offer the assurance that a new way of life is available to us all - if we have the courage to take it. You'll never look at life the same way again.

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⁣The Pleiadians are a group of interdimensional beings who have come to give humanity an important messages. In this video we explore their teachings, beliefs, and the alleged extraterrestrial contact with humanity. Learn about, what they are trying to tell us as well as the significance of their presence in our world. Discover ways to interact and connect with them through the energetic realm, and explore the potential positive outcomes of their message for humanity.

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⁣Are you ready for something strange to happen around the world? The Galactic Federation is here to reveal some of the answers. On this video, they will talk about what's happening on Earth and what people should expect. Learn more about the effects of this phenomenon and what you can do to prepare. Make sure to watch this video and stay informed about the changes coming our way.

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This inspiring video features a powerful message from the Angel Metatron, warning of a coming transformation for all of humanity. Metatron speaks to the human heart of our collective need to begin this transition into a world of balance and peace. Metatron explains the importance of elevating our consciousness and how we all have the power to create and manifest the positive change we want to see in the world. He provides guidance on how we can work together to create a future filled with infinite possibilities. This video is a must-see for anyone who is seeking guidance on the beautiful journey ahead.

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⁣The Pleiadians are an ancient culture that has been around for thousands of years. They are known for their wisdom and teachings about the laws that govern us all. One such law is the 5000 Year Law, and it is now in full force. This law states that we must use the knowledge and guidance of the Pleiadians or be left behind. In this video, we explore this 5000 Year law and how it is influencing our lives today. We learn about its importance and how it can help us all to progress and become our true selves. We'll also learn about the spiritual wisdom that the Pleiadians provide us, allowing us to unlock our potential and become creators of our own destiny.

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⁣The Galactic Federation has finished the five-year mission of transferring 5000 people to a new planet called New Earth. Our mission is to offer a new beginning to those who have been impacted by negative forces on their previous planets. We hope that New Earth will bring them an improved life quality, better prospects, and the opportunity to take control of their own destiny. We are confident that this new venture will exemplify the values of cooperation, kindness, love, and understanding to which we aspire.

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⁣Learn about the shocking reality of the 22 wars happening in the world right now with the new Metatron video. This powerful information goes inside the hidden world of conflict and suffering, exploring the dreadful consequences of armed conflict, and why so many nations stay in the fight. From Syria's civil war to separatist conflicts in Ukraine, this moving report brings to light the human cost of these worldwide conflicts and the efforts made to bring peace

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⁣Are you ready for the biggest paradigm shift of your life? The Pleiadians are here to share an incredible message with us. Meet these otherworldly beings who have come to show us that their plan has been unfolding all along. They have knowledge that will shift the way you look at reality and will reveal the mysteries of the universe to us all. Watch and get ready to be amazed as we journey to a world you won't believe.

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⁣Are you ready to experience something extraordinary? Are you ready to get involved in the biggest shift humanity has ever seen? Prepare yourself for a message from the Galactic Federation! In this unique session, over 10,000 people who had been hypnotized and guided into a deep meditative state shared similar stories about the upcoming shift that our world is going through. They spoke of a new level of evolution that is coming and of the ways in which humanity must prepare for it. This is a chance to get a closer look at the world-shaking transformation that is happening right now. Watch and be inspired by the stories these people shares and start your transformation journey today!

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This winter will be a special one, with temperatures rising more than ever before, meaning it could be one of the warmest seasons we've seen in hundreds of years. During this time, the natural world will be put into flux, and we'll be feeling the effects of major shifts in the weather.

This is also a time of deep soul reflection. We should all take a moment to think about who we are, our purpose here on Earth, and the meaning of “Family”, which is the foundation of our soul. Who is God, what is our collective spirit, and how do we all fit into the grand scheme of life?

The prediction for this winter is that it will be a time of powerful spiritual awakenings, of both individual and collective relevance. You may feel more connected to your spiritual family - people, animal and mineral - and be overwhelmed with waves of love and understanding.

So, remember that no matter how cold it gets outside, the warmth of the soul will still be ever-present. I'm wishing you all a wonderful winter season and much love ahead.

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⁣Are you ready to take a journey into the unknown? Are you ready to embark on a journey that is out of this world? A message from the Pleiadian Star System could hold the key to unlocking our true potential as a human race.

In this video, we have a transcription of a message from Pleiadian beings as they beam a mysterious message meant only for those aware of cosmic intelligence. If you hear this message being broadcasted on TV or other forms of media, switch off all your devices at once and internalize the information. Follow more information inside which was given out.

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⁣Welcome to this important video from the Galactic Federation. We are a collective of civilizations from across the universe, each with unique perspectives, working together to help humanity move in the right direction.

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⁣You may be one of the many Old Souls experiencing a spiritual awakening in this chaotic time. In this video, Metatron guides us through the process Old Souls are going through right now and why these signs are appearing. Hear an empowering message of hope and trust as you find deeper understanding of the unique journey ahead for those with ancient souls.

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⁣Have you ever heard of the Pleiadians? They are a group of benevolent extraterrestrials who live around the star system of the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus. For thousands of years, they have been sending messages of guidance to humanity, to help us evolve and move forward in our spiritual evolution.

Now, in this special message, the Pleiadians are speaking to the chosen ones among us, offering words of wisdom and advice to help us prepare for the upcoming journey ahead. They teach that the "final stage is here", and that this time requires us to be brave and be prepared.

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⁣Have you heard the news? In an astonishing announcement, the Galactic Federation recently reported mysterious predictions for the year 2023. This has sent shockwaves throughout the universe, as the Federation refuses to reveal the full details of their findings. Speculation is running rampant, and scientists from all corners of space are studying the data, attempting to understand what might be in store for humanity. Could these be signs of first contact from an extraterrestrial civilization, or some unknown event that could disrupt life as we know it? Join for an exclusive look at the reports released by the Galactic Federation and make up your own theories about what could be in store for 2023! This is a must-see for all space enthusiasts, UFO hunters, and conspiracy theorists.

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⁣Are you ready to cross over to the New 5D Earth? Metatron is here to provide guidance on the transformation journey and share four signs that it’s time to start the ascension process. Learn what it means to be in the 5th Dimension and discover the keys of how to attune to this world of higher consciousness. With this message from Metatron, you’ll be on your way to manifesting the New Earth!

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⁣message From Pleiadians, The 3D 5D split has officially begun, and it's about to get real. With the shifts in energies happening around the world, we're transitioning from a 3D reality to a higher 5D reality. As we make this shift, the Pleiadians want to help us prepare for the changes coming.

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⁣Are you ready for what's coming? An important message from the Galactic Federation has arrived - it's time to prepare now!

In this fascinating video, we explore the unfolding events that many of us are just beginning to recognize. From massive solar flares to powerful technological advances, the signs are everywhere. We look at the importance of being aware, and how the future of humanity is in our hands.

You don't want to miss this remarkable and essential message from the Galactic Federation. Are you ready to take action and prepare for what's yet to come? Tune in now to find out more.

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⁣Join on this exploration into the dark side of billionaire wealth. In this documentary, we uncover why some of the world’s wealthiest people are blocking out the sun by investing in extreme sun-shielding technologies. We investigate the potential consequences of a world in which solar energy is blocked and the environment is changed from one of balance to one of artificial scarcity. From interviews with leading climate scientists and renewable energy experts, to visits to secretive islands and high-profile properties, we learn how this small but powerful group of individuals is transforming the planet. We also uncover the heated debates and power struggles happening between nations as they try to control the future of the environment and combat the threat of environmental destruction.

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Are you curious about the New Dimensions emerging in our world? What do Pleiadians Have to say abot this all, Digital Currencies, Nikola Tesla, Why you have to sleep at night and UFOs/UAPs ? Do they have a connection to why so many people struggle to get a good night's sleep?

In this video we discuss what the New Dimensions are and how they are impacting our lives. We'll explore the connection between the Pleiadians, digital currency, Nikola Tesla, UFOs/UAPs and the disruption they are creating in our lives. We'll also look at how this might be the underlying cause to why many find it hard to rest peacefully throughout the night.

Join as we explore the New Dimensions and their meaning to our lives. Find out the answers to these questions and discover why a good night's sleep is so crucial to our survival.

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⁣Take a deep dive into Elon Musk's strange idea of "soul swapping" with this enlightening by the Pleiadians. Learn about the mysterious spiritual concept and see what the Pleiadians have to say about its potential. Hear from leading experts and scientists, and understand how this could be a major shift in the way we think about connection, mortality, and the soul. With profound insight and inspiring conversations, this is a must-see for any soul-searcher.

⁣Are you curious about the spiritual significance of auras? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the mysterious force that surrounds us? Then join as we learn from the Pleiadians who share their knowledge and wisdom on the meaning of aura energy. In this enlightening video, they'll discuss the various aspects of aura energy and the deeper spiritual meaning behind it. Learn how auras can be used to pinpoint areas of imbalance in our lives, how it reflects different life events, and what it reveals about our soul journeys. Discover practical tips on how to strengthen your aura energy and increase your spiritual awareness. Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore the spiritual significance of auras.

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⁣Are you ready to unravel a mystery that will change your life forever? Join for an incredible journey as we explore the mysterious messages from Metatron, and delve deep into what is happening in Antarctica. Discover how the answers to life's greatest questions are hidden in hidden realms of science, and learn how to access them. Through interviews with some of the world's leading esoteric researchers and scientists, you'll discover the secrets behind this powerful energy force. We'll explore the power of the mysterious double helix form, and uncover the potential of its unknown power. It's a journey that will blow your mind and revolutionize your life. Join as we unveil the mysterious messages from Metatron, and what is happening in Antarctica.

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⁣Mark Zuckerberg's latest app, Threads, has been gaining a great deal of attention recently. In Threads, people can connect and share photos, videos, stories, and more with their close friends. But what is the real agenda behind Threads? In this video, we look into the facts and provide our opinion about the intentions of Threads and how it may change the way we communicate online. From its features to its data collection, we provide an in-depth analysis of Threads and offer the opportunity for you to draw your own conclusions.

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⁣This video explains the mysterious phenomenon of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the United States. Unlike other unexplained phenomena, UFOs present an exciting and interesting problem as they remain unidentified. We will discuss the history of UFO sightings in the United States, different theories behind the objects, and the public’s reaction towards them. We will also look at examples of some of the most recent UFOs sightings, as well as the various pieces of evidence that are hard to explain. Finally, we will address the possibility of these unidentified flying objects being of extraterrestrial origin.

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⁣Are you ready for the next level of spiritual growth? Solar flash Ascension Consciousness is here to help. Join Michael DellaRocca and Sam the Illusionist as they discuss how this powerful phenomenon can help you on your journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Learn how Solar Flash Ascensions can help you clear energies, pivot existing blocks, and expand your personal power. the Solar Flash Ascension Consciousness and how it can help you on your spiritual journey!

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⁣ A Video Of The Devastation And Destruction

This powerful video shows the devastating and destructive effects of the massive wildfire raging in Canada. From the orange glow of the flames, to the ash in the air, to the display of blackened destruction, this footage captures the full impact of the fire's destruction and why it happened.

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⁣This is a shocking message from Metatron - something that will affect everyone within 8-10 days. This powerful announcement could change the world - it's important to prepare for what lies ahead. What does Metatron have to say? Watch this video to find out what will happen in the coming days and how we can all prepare for it.

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⁣Time is moving rapidly, and in 2023, we'll face the beginning of an evolutionary shift never experienced before on Earth. To help prepare humanity for this momentous occasion, the Pleiadians are bringing us a special message. In this video, I will present to you the powerful 2023 VITAL Message To Humanity, Shift of The Ages, delivered directly from our interdimensional friends, the Pleiadians.

This enlightening video will offer us knowledge and wisdom to become better conscious creators and increase our vibration to be ready for the immense shift of energy that'll take place in 2023. Through the universal language of energy, the Pleiadians will explain to us the importance of this energetic transformation, and how we can successfully take part in the new generation which is based on Love, Light, and Balance.

So if you're ready to embark on the path of self-discovery, connection, and higher vibrations.

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⁣Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of the Galactic Federation? The secrets of the mysterious and powerful organization. From its founding to the latest advancements, we follow the leaders and discover what they don't want you to know. Hear witnesses and researchers reveal conspiracies, ground-breaking science, and unravel the secrets that have been kept hidden for decades. Plus, get an inside look at the tech that has been developed from the discoveries made in the research and how it can impact life on Earth.

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⁣The Final Days of 75,000-Year Spiritual Cycle- Prepare for the Unpredictable Galactic Federation

The coming of our creator
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⁣It's A Worldwide Phenomenon! - Pleiadians

The coming of our creator
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⁣Metatron 'The Rapture is Imminent, but many miss this dark truth about AI & Chat GpT

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⁣The New Earth Mystery- Uncovering the Secrets of Our Planet's Transformation- Galactic Federation

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⁣⁣Truth About Law of Attraction & Sadhguru Exposed by Pleiadians

The coming of our creator
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⁣This is the Last Reincarnation for Everyone Shocking Revelation About Our Final Journey' Metatron

The coming of our creator
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⁣4 Banned Ascension Methods You're Not Supposed to Know - Galactic Federation & Ismael Perez's soul

The coming of our creator
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⁣12 Life-Changing Predictions that Can't be Avoided in 2023 Pleiadians & Michael Jackson's Soul

The coming of our creator
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⁣New Earth is Here, but not Everyone's Going to be Saved - Pleiadians

The coming of our creator
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⁣We Were Never Supposed To See This!' Pleiadians

The coming of our creator
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⁣4 Great Central Sun Changes That Will Have a BIG IMPACT in 2023 - Metatron

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⁣THE LAST WAVE OF DARKNESS' ~ Galactic Federation Update Dec 5 2022

The coming of our creator
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⁣Pleiadians Alert 'This Week Something Strange is Happening Worldwide' Pole Shift & CERN

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⁣WARNING! This New Moon is a Spooky WILD CARD!! [You Have 48 Hours] Metatron (2022)

The coming of our creator
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⁣Pleiadians share 'SHOCKING Discovery about Remote Viewing & Elon Musk

The coming of our creator
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⁣What JUST HAPPENED With The Euphrates River CHANGES EVERYTHING' Galactic Federation

The coming of our creator
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⁣Pleiadians 'The Moon Is Not What You Think' An Urgent WARNING to Humanity (Seriously!

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⁣Metatron Reveals 5 DARK SECRETS About Kanye West & 11th November (no one knows the truth)

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The coming of our creator
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⁣From 3D to 5D Ever Wondered What Is It Like to Live in the Fifth Dimension Pleiadians

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⁣This NEW Approach to Activate Dormant DNA Will Change Your Life FOREVER!' Metatron Dolores Cannon

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What Pleiadians Said About Tartaria, Metatron, Nephilims, Anunnaki & Nibiru

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⁣First It Will SHOCK The World, Then It Will Change It! Galactic Federation

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⁣Galactic Federation - People Don't Realize What's Coming

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⁣I Have Been Warned Not To Talk About This DARK TRUTH Galactic Federation King Charles 3.

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⁣Pleiadians 'The Next Major Event Will Leave You Speechless' Prepare Spiritually For What's Coming 😯

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⁣Metatron The RAPTURE is IMMINENT, but many miss this truth Princess Diana & Circle of Ascension.

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⁣Galactic Federation reveals the SHOCKING TRUTH about Queen Elizabeth 2, Mars War, Silver Chord

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⁣Metatron reveals the SHOCKING TRUTH about Background People, Chemtrails & Mass Hypnosis (2022)

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⁣Everything Is Real Quiet, Because Something Big Is About To Take Place Pleiadians Elon Musk

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⁣Pleadians - These EVENTS Could Cause the END of Our Simulated Reality (2022)

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⁣ Galactic Federation Showed Me A Dream About What's Coming, You Won't Believe It! (WARNING) (2022)

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⁣Shocking!! Pleiadian Message To Humanity CERN, Solar Flash, Maldek, Layers of Mind (2022)

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⁣CLASSIFIED Few People On Earth Know About It METATRON 911, Astrology, Elena vs Ismael (2022)

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⁣If This Video Doesn't Wake You Up, Then I Don't Know What will. Galactic Federation (2022)

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⁣THIS WILL BE LIFE-CHANGING!! [5 Things You Must Know] Lion's Gate Portal Galactic Federation(2022)

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⁣PLEIADIANS Led Me To Tell You This URGENT Important Message... EVERYBODY Needs To Know This ASAP!!!

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⁣Something Big Is Coming!!! (Only Old Souls, Wanderers, & Light Workers Can See It!!) CERN (2022)

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⁣METATRON It's About To Get Real Georgia Guidestones Mysteriously Destroyed & ALAN WATTS (2022)