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How the Sons of Fallen Angels Nearly Destroyed the World - The Book of Giants

19 Views· 15/06/24
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⁣ video, we delve into the chilling narrative of "The Book of Giants", a
script that presents a part of the backstory of the world before the
Great Flood.

We provide a deep and thorough analysis of how the sons of the fallen
angels, also known as the Nephilim, nearly brought the world to its
knees. Our in-depth knowledge of the subject will lead you through the
intriguing chronicles of these ancient texts.

"The Book of Giants" expands upon the world before the Great Flood and
the challenges that the descendants of these fallen angels posed to
humanity. While it forms an essential part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, it's
relatively obscure - and this video aims to shed light on its
intriguing narratives.

Join us as we navigate through these intriguing tales, deeply entrenched
in history and mythology. Our exploration ranges from the origins of
the Nephilim, their subsequent deeds, and the divine intervention that

led to their demise.
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