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Kryon Part 4 Channeling: Lee Carroll Part 3 of 3 The Teaching

15 Views· 21/01/24
The coming of our creator

⁣In this fourth part of our video series, we continue discussing the
teachings of renowned spiritual medium, Lee Carroll. He continues to
channel messages from the metaphysical entity known as Kryon. This is
part 3 of 3 video where Lee Carroll dives deeper into the wisdom that
Kryon imparts.

Throughout this video, Lee shows us how to open our hearts and minds to
receive Kryon's guiding messages. If you've watched the previous parts
of this series, you'll realize that Kryon's teachings promote love,
unity, and compassion, enabling us to lead more fulfilling and
purposeful lives.

We encourage you to open yourself up to these teachings, regardless of
your spiritual or religious beliefs, as Kryon's messages are universal
and can benefit everyone. You’ll learn about your potential, the energy
surrounding you, and how to channel it in the most beneficial way.

We invite you to join us on this unique spiritual journey that will
surely enlighten and inspire you. Don't forget to like, share and
subscribe to our channel for more spiritual teachings from Lee Carroll
and Kryon. Remember each of us has the ability to create a positive
impact on the world, and through these teachings, we hope to guide you
in your journey of self-discovery.

Stay tuned for more insightful content and let’s continue exploring the
spiritual dimension together.

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