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Semen Retention The Price of Reproduction. A Step Closer to Death

8 Views· 06/06/24
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⁣ In this enlightening and captivating video, we dive
deep into the concept of "Semen Retention: The Price of Reproduction. A
step closer to death", exploring the biological and metaphysical
implications behind it. Semen retention is a phenomenon that is gaining
recognition in the realms of men's health, wellness, and spiritual
development. By refraining from ejaculation, males endeavor to recycle
the energy inwards and uplift spiritual and physical vitality.

We raise questions like - What happens biologically when a man
ejaculates? Is there a price to reproduction and how does this process
make a man a step closer to death? This video peels back the layers on a
not so discussed topic, shedding light on the truths behind semen
retention, its potential benefits, and risks.

#semenretention #thepriceofreproduction #lifespan #longevity #menshealth

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