Cemetery - Archangel Michael - What is there in the tomb

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The coming of our creator
Cemetery - Archangel Michael
What is there in the tomb? Bone, hair, that's

Cemetery - Archangel Michael 

What is there in the tomb?  Bone, hair, that's all.  There is nothing there.  There is nothing about that soul that it was.  That outfit is no longer hers, he got rid of it a long time ago.  So why cry over a cold grave?  Why?  What macabre act was this created for you?  He died, the physical body died.  He was consumed only the bones remained, which is no longer the one who left;  it's a bone.  The soul does not get stuck to the bones.  The soul broke free from that outfit.  This is the end of the outfit.  So why stand on top of a crying grave?
 Think, my brothers.  Think, the amount of lies that has been told to you.  There is nothing there.  And many souls, I will say to you, many souls do not even care to go there in the tomb to cry, because they are so high, so evolved, that they will not care if you are there crying for them on top of a tomb;  because they understand that you haven't learned anything.  You remain stuck with these beliefs, these macabre rituals that lead to nothing.  If you want today, to be remembered by your souls, be grateful to her. Show the joy of having lived with them.  Ah, this feeling will come to them;  this arrives.  And they will be very happy to know that they built a beautiful walk with you, and that you missed them, not suffering.  So think about what you are worshiping.  Think about what you are understanding, which is to worship the dead.
 You who are here, in this evolution to the Fifth Dimension, can no longer act like this.  This is over.  I think I have already taught you enough to let go of these beliefs, these macabre rituals that lead to nothing;  lead to nothing for the light;  because to the other side it takes.  Because you go there and cry, cry, cry.  What happens to your vibration?  And in that place where all the dead are worshiped, there is an egregore of pain, there is an egregore of evil, because there are many low-light spirits.  So you go there, cry, cry, cry ..., those low-light spirits like to see you cry, and stay close;  and you end up taking home a bunch of little friends.  Then you don't know why after you went there, you were feeling bad.  Of course you are full of little friends around you.
 So think.  Is that what you want for yourself?  Do you want to end your vibration?  So think twice before you go there.  You want to worship your dead, be thankful that you have lived with them;  this is what you have to do.  Do not cry suffering because he is gone.  Thank them for having lived a life, a time, as long as it is, with them.  This is what you have to do.  Whoever is preparing for the Fifth Dimension is what he has to do;  do not go to that place where the egregore is evil, because that is where they meet;  because they stay there just waiting for souls to disconnect from the body, and when the soul doesn't quite know where it is going, they capture the soul.  Is it in this environment that you want to stay?  Is it in this environment that you want to bring down your vibrations?
 Think hard.  What are you doing with your vibrations.  The soul is eternal.  The connection with that soul is also eternal, but not out of attachment, out of love.  Who loves, wants to see the other well.  So release your souls, and be thankful.  This is the feeling that you have to have today: to be grateful for having lived the time that was with those that you say that you loved.
 I AM THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL!  I hope that you will actually hear my words

Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias

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