Escape the Cage

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Never Get Lost And Feel Alone Again.!! Remember Who You Are. We are not people with only one life to live, we are the essence of GOD the Source of life. We are Sprits on a human journey.

How do you kill a God..? I have come to the solution to this problem and uncovered the truth behind the reason why our world is designed the way it is. You kill a God by first erasing his/her memory, thnegative en you inslave him/her in a system thats designed to erase all evidence that you/me are all connected via Source/God. Then most will simply die of old age or comit suicide. After the spirit leaves the body, the Arcons or The essence of singularity/identity simply trick you into following them into the light, wich is technology comprised of concentrated electromagnetic energy that by design erases the memory of the soul then shoots the now weakend force into a new body the the cycle continues until the soul litteraly ceases to carry on. This is only possible because the soul is the Soucrce of Gods essence and can do anything including ceasing to be. That is why it is so important for humanity as a whole to understand this process and by just being aware of it you are now free of its hold on the essence wich seperates us all. There is so much more to this story that makes it not just a theory that I have thought up but it is fact that should be taught to all humans when they are children. This will erase all these negative forces and intities that have been here feasting upon the essence of God. One the whole of humanity comes to this conclusion we will Ascend this soul trap and the reality of this Matrix. I hope this message reaches the ones that are desperate to hear it and it does for you what it has for me. The love of God/Source is the secret to all inner power and the souce of power that has given some people supernatural abilities. Remeber to do all things with Love in your heart and you will succeed where others have failed. God Bless You All. Stay in the LOVE & LIGHT.





The coming of our creator
Love & light ❤️ ❤️
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