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Thoth the Alien: The Pyramid Builder and His Alleged Connection to Jesus

41 Views· 22/06/24
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⁣Welcome to another fascinating exploration of ancient civilizations and
extraterrestrial theories. In this video, we dive deep into the story of
Thoth the Alien, a figure believed by some to be a creator of the Great
Pyramid of Giza and a pivotal entity in the realms of science,
mathematics, and writing.

Many ancient alien theorists propose that Thoth was not simply a
mythological god as represented in Egyptian hieroglyphics, but a real
extra-terrestrial being with superior knowledge and powers. Furthermore,
it is alleged that there may be a mystical linkage between Thoth and
Jesus in terms of spiritual enlightenment and teachings.

Here, we will meticulously analyze all available historical records,
existing theories, anecdotal evidence, and links that suggest this
intriguing possibility. Join us on this journey as we attempt to connect
the dots and unfold mysteries that encompass the realms of mythology,

history, religion, and cosmic dimensions.

#thoth #aliens #jesus #pyramids #ancientaliens #mystery #history
#mythology #egyptianmythology #extraterrestrials #ancientcivilizations

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