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My experience with letting go of addiction

When the ascension began a few years ago , no one was more excited than I was. Finally to be apart of something worth while, real Truth real love real unity. I was beside myself with excitement. Just like some of you, I was still hung up on addiction and ofcourse I didn't look at it like that. For me I used the excuse, I have chronic pain and I have suffered trauma so for me it's better I use what comes from the earth rather than the poison the pharmaceutical companies were pumping out. The first and second year's came and went and ofcourse like many of you I was undergoing tremendous changes both spiritual and physical.  The suns upgrades were sometimes very very intensive and unbelievably powerful. All the while getting healthier and stronger but still hanging on to my personal addictions, dismissing them as being for medical reasons and ofcourse not because I wanted to get high. Around the beginning of this year I kept ignoring that voice telling me it's time to quit . I went from being a full on Jedi to being almost paralyzed in a matter of weeks. I lost my ability to channel and to lucid dream, I could no longer Astral project.  It seemed as though God had turned His/Her back on me and I was left only with my addiction I held on to so lightly. One night I was sitting alone in my room staring at the wall and I guess I slipped off to sleep and all of a sudden in front of me standing in my room was a man, he was a large man he had a very familiar face and presence about him, he was wearing a LA jersey and he was very angry with me. He said " do you honestly believe you can continue on to 5D in this state? Do you think your life I'd your own? What part of this collective do you think will allow for substance abuse and unhealthy habits?"  He commenced to dump a bag full of garbage on my floor and said this " I came here to deliver a message, you can continue this lifestyle and your health will improve and you can go on living a few more years until you die but you will not go on into the 5D. Or you can stop running from your birthright and finish what you have started but you cannot continue with this unhealthy lifestyle and the bad habits must stop immediately. The choice is yours and the time is up!" Well needless to say the very next day I found myself a rehab and 2 weeks later I quit smoking. I know it's scary to change something we have been doing most of our adult lives. I know it's difficult to face those parts of ourselves that have driven is into addiction.  The fact is this, in the 5D we are not our own responsibility we are not going to have secrets or be able to lie or hide things. We all make up 1 whole consciousness and we are responsible for the whole on a level that is kinda hard to fathom. No one would allow there child to do things like drugs or cigarettes or alcohol.  We must treat ourselves just like we would our children because we are that important to the collective.  Our life is not our own but a great gift that must be treated as such as a precious child we cannot live without. 

I hope and pray that this helps someone and if you are struggling with addiction and on the path to 5D. I am here to tell you. The hour is late and the time to be part of something great is Rite now!  I love you all so very very much.  Love and Light 

Stephen of Light 

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